Meet Julia

(in Julia’s own words)

Hi! I’m Julia, and I am ten years old. Double digits! Can you believe it? My next goal is to make it to triple digits! (Just kidding.)
I was adopted from Russia when I was eight months old, and no, I can’t speak Russian. Okay?
I’ve done a one-handed cartwheel, but I’ve never trained a lion.
My favorite book is Matilda by Roald Dahl. My favorite movies are The Cat In Paris and Pinocchio. I have been in a lot of shows, such as Shrek, the Wiz, Anything Goes, Prince of Egypt, Captain Louie and Pinocchio. I don’t watch TV (and I’m not missing anything) so I don’t have a favorite TV show.

That’s a little about me, and I love myself. I bet you’ll never meet a person like me! Bye!

Happy Birthday Julia, It’s been a good year. from Tina Traster on Vimeo.

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