About Me

Coming May 2014 from Chicago Review Press

Long before I became Julia’s mother, I did a lot of living. For a decade I was a newspaper reporter. Since 1999, I’ve built an independent writing career. To date, my work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, parenting web sites and on NPR. Since 2006, I’ve been writing the Burb Appeal column for The New York Post. These personal stories have been anthologized in Burb Appeal: The Collection. My essays have also appeared in literary collections Living Lessons, Nurturing Paws, Little Blessings, and Mammas and Pappas.In 2003, my husband Rick and I, both 40 at the time, adopted Julia from a Siberian orphanage. In one way or another I’ve been writing about her since the day I met her. In 2010, my essay Love Learned appeared in the literary magazine Mamazina, and subsequently, in The Huffington Post and The New York Post. The essay explored the difficulty Julia had bonding with me and the trouble I had bonding with her.

Finally, the essay planted the seed for the long-form memoir I’m writing, which is under contract and is due out in 2013. My memoir is the story of Julia + Me, which has been a long and complicated road to becoming an attached mother and daughter. This web site is a forum for my work, news about Russian adoption, reactive attachment disorder and your participation.

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